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Luxury Jewelry Designer Nick Blum Unveils New Limited Edition Vena Engagement Ring Collection

BLUMLUX focuses on craftsmanship and personal touch at Indianapolis Boutique

INDIANAPOLIS —April 9, 2015 — BLUMLUX, a privately owned Indiana-based luxury watch and jewelry brand is proud to announce it’s new Limited Edition Vena Engagement Ring Collection, a signature design that honors the tradition of marriage. Designed by the company’s founder Nick Blum, the exclusive new engagement ring series is comprised of 63 SKUs, in six (6) distinctive styles, featuring nine (9) different shape stones. Each ring in the BLUMLUX Vena Collection contains two signature rubies set inside the ring shank. The exquisite Vena Engagement Ring designs will retail from $1795 and up.

The Limited Edition Vena Collection is aptly named for the Vena Amoris. The Egyptians believed the Vena Amoris (Latin name meaning “Vein of Love”) was a blood vessel that ran directly from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. Placing an endless circle ring on this finger (what we now call the “ring finger”) signified the eternal nature of a bond and the promise to remain committed to a spouse. The BLUMLUX Vena Collection ring designs feature precious red rubies, coveted for centuries by ancients, royals and spiritual healers, and considered by many to be the perfect wedding stone. /more

Modern science has shown that there are actually many veins in the ring finger, with two main digital arteries running along the bottom sides of the “ring” finger. The BlumLux Vena engagement ring places two red rubies directly on top of these vessels paying homage to the traditions of marriage. Ancient kings and queens believed red rubies to be the most valuable and sought after precious stones, even over diamonds. A sign of passion and faithful love, rubies were considered to be the perfect wedding stone.

For centuries, spiritual healers have also coveted the precious stone for stimulating “chi” (the life-force energy) throughout the physical body. It initiates the sensual pleasures of life and increases desire. Rubies stir the blood and stimulate the heart. It is useful for stimulating good circulation, detoxifying the body, and promoting confidence and empowerment.

The Abbiamo Group will be featuring the BlumLux Vena Collection at JCK Las Vegas at The Mandalay Resort and Casino, May 29 – June 1, 2015, by appointment only, in Booth S10760.

For more information on BLUMLUX, contact The Abbiamo Group at (818) 319- 4200 or visit

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and founded by Nick Blum, BLUMLUX offers a unique selection of exclusive watches, bridal jewelry, and a variety of custom services. Blum opened his appointment-only jewelry design boutique in November 2013 with a promise to deliver unparalleled, one-on-one customer service. Today, BLUMLUX continues the growth of its signature line, along with its custom-made collections for select clients around the country.