Agung Narmada, a jewelry veteran based out of Bali, starts authentic wrap bracelet collection that helps Balinese work from home as Covid-19 economically devastated the island

Bali, Indonesia — Kemulan, an authentic Balinese wrap bracelet collection based out of Bali, aims to help local Balinese whose island was economically devasted by the pandemic. Started by Agung Narmada, a 20-year jewelry production veteran, and his wife in 2020, Kemulan hires artisans from across the island while providing training and supplies so they may work from home. Each Kemulan bracelet is handmade in Bali using cruelty-free threads, natural stones & beads, and .925 sterling silver. Learn more about Kemulan here.

“When Bali closed its borders in 2020, it was only supposed to be for two weeks. But they remained closed for two years. Since we depend so much on tourism, it had a devastating effect on the livelihoods of local Balinese,” says Agung. “Bali has long exported our skill of handcrafting jewelry to Western brands. So, my wife and I thought: let’s start our own brand with a production process that allows our team to work from home, train as many local Balinese as we can, and export the soul and spirit of Bali to the world.”

Over 80% of Bali’s economy is dependent on tourism. Each year, Bali welcomes over 6 million visitors to their island, which is slightly bigger than the U.S. state of Delaware. Indonesia closed its borders in April of 2020 and recently reopened them in February of 2022 with quarantine restrictions. It will take some time before Bali’s tourism industry returns to pre-pandemic levels.

“Kemulan is all about our artisans and their craft,” explains Agung. “No two bracelets are alike. Therefore, each artisan includes a unique three-stone signature on their handcrafted bracelet that lets the wearer know who crafted the bracelet. A thank you note signed by the artisan is included with each bracelet, and our customers can look up their artisan on our website to learn more about them.”

Kemulan bracelets are handmade using Bali’s traditional anyam weaving technique that has become cherished worldwide. The design and process— the same styles that locals wear— capture the true spirit of Bali. The brand utilizes double-length cruelty-free waxed fibers and denim threads— a technique that requires more skill and increases production time. But the result is better quality and longer-lasting bracelet.

Bali’s rich culture and storied landscapes inspire the designs of Kemulan. As such, Kemulan includes a card that tells the story behind the design.

Kemulan has established jewelry marketing agency Abbiamo Group (Oscar de la Renta, Rebecca, Rosato) as its U.S. distributor to offer free shipping on all orders within the U.S. For more information, click here.

About Kemulan

Kemulan traditional Balinese wrap bracelets— the same bracelets locals wear— capture the true spirit of Bali. Handmade on the island, each sequence of stones tells a unique story about the spirituality rooted in the culture and landscapes. Kemulan hires local artisans from around the island, providing training supplies and above-average wages. Utilizing cruelty-free threads, natural beads and stones, and .925 sterling silver, each bracelet includes a “signature” stone sequence from the Balinese artisan who handcrafted the bracelet. Kemulan was founded on the island in 2020 by jewelry veteran Agung Narmada and his wife.

About Abbiamo Group

Abbiamo Group is a full-service integrated marketing agency specializing in fashion and accessories. Started by watch and jewelry veteran Michael Pucci (Swatch, Tissot, Levis) in 2001, Abbiamo Group has helped launched the accessory collections of global fashion brands, including Rebecca, Rosato, Oscar de la Renta, Disney, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more.  Their work has been featured in movies, music videos, television and leading fashion and lifestyle publications.

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