Michael Pucci

CMO/Director of Sales & Founder

Michael has proven success in leading the marketing strategy for some of the greatest brand names on the planet. Kown as the ultimate brand steward, expert presenter, and negotiator, Michael is capable of procuring buy-in from stakeholders at all levels. His specialty is the ability to engage new and loyal customers through a multi-channel approach encompassing CRM, social media, public relations, and cross-marketing opportunities. Michael has an innate talent for launching sales & marketing programs and generating record-setting revenues through integrated marketing with the innate skill to identify unique marketing opportunities and act upon them.

” With over 25 years of experience I have developed a unique and empathetic understanding of the fashion jewelry and accessories industry. While many agencies may focus in one general area of expertise (e.g. SEM advertising), my extensive background of integrated marketing solutions eliminates unnecessary operating costs while reducing risks. Especially valuable are my relationships with media partners, publications, film, television, Industry executives and retailers — which can only be gained through years of successful partnerships.

I am personally aware of the challenges and opportunities in this new economy with a proven track record of success developing fashion brands and retailers with a goal to increase their business through effective marketing, promotions, sales and efficient business processes.

I believe a relationship with the consumer is the foundation of any successful brand. I engross myself in the brand to understand the target consumer and what they seek. I pride myself in finding ways to cut through the clutter to increase marketing effectiveness, enhance loyalty, and with a team effort, grow my clients’ overall business.”

Michael Pucci

We are not your typical marketing agency. We are a niche group of individuals who enjoy solving the challenges brands & retailers face in the ever-changing and competitive U.S. retail market.

Spanning two generations within the industry, our knowledge, relationships and network has given us an unparalleled view of the market. With roots that began as sales associates behind-the-counter, we understand tradition. We understand disruption. We understand where the market has been and where it is going.

Abbiamo Group’s expertise & services help achieve profitable sales through effective marketing, promotions, and efficient business processes. From the digital world of online advertising and social media to the analog world of print and point-of-sale marketing, Abbiamo Group develops integrated marketing strategies specifically tailored to your organization.

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What’s Been Said:

I have been working with Michael while I was the CEO of Rosato and Michael the President of the US Subsidiary: During the period I had the chance to appreciate Michael business orientation, professional skills and human values. Beyond his deep experience in the Jewelry and Watch business I would like to note his most important strengths: 1. Make things happen 2. Motivation to the job 3. Positive attitude 4. Sense of innovation 5. Entrepreneurial attitudes

Massimo Macchi Senior Vice President Sales at Graziella Group S.p.a.

Michael is a well focused and a very good team player. I appreciated his smart approach with the Client and his achievements. Michael could be defined as a man of honor at work and in everyday life. I definetly recommend Michael for his skills and reliability as a manager Paolo worked directly with Michael at Rebecca / TESTI USA.

Paolo Calamandrei General Manager at MPF Group SPA

I’ve known Michael for a long time in association with timepiece marketing. Aways very professional and motivated. The work he has done recently for Testi and Rebecca has been very well received.

Howard Hauben Pres at H2 Events / Centurion Show CEO

I had the pleasure of working with Michael for four years on a number of custom orders during my time at The Walt Disney Company. Michael has a number of characteristics that make him ideal to work with; he exudes energy and is an overall positive and personable gentleman, an incredibly hard worker, and a ready source of ideas and solutions. Michael is also a man of his word and is always super responsive and easy to contact, even while traveling. Based on the excellent working relationship Michael and I had, I am confident in recommending him as an asset to any company.

Joseph Federici Vice President and GMM for Retail at MGM Resorts International

Michael is a rare breed. Most especially in business today. When he agrees to get involved in a project he gives it 150%. We have had the opportunity to work together on a couple of shared opportunities. He more than pulls his weight and unlike many such arrangements I have made over the years, I never have to call him and check on his progress, he takes the offensive and let’s me know how his end is progressing. His contacts in Asia are outstanding. He has proven to be a fabulous resource delivering quality goods at the right price. His commitment to servicing the deal is unmatched. I am proud to give Michael my highest recommendation.

Al Ovadia President, Al Ovadia & Associates, Inc ;Partner, All American Licensing & Management Group; Chairman/CEO at Wonder…A Transmedia Company

Micheal Is a consistent force in the luxury industry, he has delivered results and is considered an expert in the field. He is also a very personable individual with many key contacts who respect him.

Doron Basha EVP Branding / Marketing / Sales at Di MODOLO

Michael is the ultimate professional sales and marketing leader. His hard work, dedication, drive and enthusiasm have made him a tremendous success. He can drive new business opportunities and grow existing ones. He is has an outstanding reputation within the jewelry and watch industries and has long standing relationships in all channels of distribution.

Mara Perlmutter President Designer Jewelry at Almar Sales

Michael is among the finest and capable executives in the fine watch industry. He is able to manage all aspects of his Brand and the account structure. His integrity and ability to work with all levels of an organization is second to none. He possesses excellent skills in Administration, Sales, Marketing and Training. Michael is an executive I would use in my own business if the opportunity presented itself.

Charles Fieramosca Product and Brand Development. President of Bailey Banks & Biddle

As President of Tissot, a key brand for the world's largest watch company, SMH now Swatch, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Michael who was the company's top salesperson and mentor for the sales team. Michael is a genuine talent, with terrific leadership and team-building strengths. He has a tremendous network of retail clients around the world who view Michael as a valued partner. Michael is the quintessential top executive and sales leader with a highly energetic and engaging management style that endears him to clients and colleagues. Michael has also demonstrated an ability to develop a clear mission, strategic direction, and creative concepts for the companies he has added value too. Finally, Michael has a high level of personal and professional ethics. I would give Michael the highest of recommendations.

James Klein;Chairman/President of Universal Studios Consumer Products, CEO of ISMG, and top management consultant to Fox, NBC Universal, Nat Geo, and the Smithsonian

As President of Tissot Watches, a division of Swatch, I had the pleasure of working with Michael when he served as National Account Manager. Michael is an exceptional leader with unmatched enthusiasm for success. He is an outstanding sales leader, but also possesses strong marketing and branding skills both strategically and creatively. Michael is also a great team player and team builder with uncompromising ethical standards. He is a great motivator of people. I would give Michael the highest of recommendations.

Jim Klein Principal, Vision & Value Creators LLC: Senior Adviser, Smithsonian Enterprises, Smithsonian Institution

Michael is an excellent entrepreneur and business associate. Intelligent, intuitive, ambitious and hard-working. Understands the importance of business relationships and delivering effective programs. I wholeheartedly recommend him in any capacity.

Daniel R Romanelli; Founder and President of Warner Bros. World Wide Consumer Products at Warner Bros

Michael has powerful mental models to understand both organization and environment. He can easily analyze the impact of any change on the future of the organization. His managerial style finds the appropriate balance between pressure and encouragement. We had a successful working relationship sharing information and adapting to mutual speed and flexibility.

Alberto Milani CEO at Buccellati Inc.

Michael Pucci demonstrates extraordinary business acumen and is an imaginative, driven professional. His accomplishments over the years are attributed to his outgoing personality and way he approaches every business venture with a positive attitude and great energy. Michael would be a tremendous asset to any company – this is demonstrated by his professional expertise, accomplishments and his ability to drive results.

Julie M. Caturano Board Liaison and EA President's Office

We have been so fortunate to have worked with Michael for several years. I have never met anyone with so much enthusiasm which he exudes onto everyone he works with. His energy and passion brings out the best in us and it’s always a thrill to work with him! He has always given us creative freedom to execute his ideas and truly believes in us. Michael Pucci is a rare gem.

Angie Zerilli Account Executive at Zerilli Studios Inc.

Michael has an ability to both recognize the great possibilities in an under recognized, under marketed, or new company, and then take them to the public in an honest and passionate manner. His work with both established brands and new has always been with a excited way of introducing a product that reinforces his knowledge of the market. With Rosato as with other designs, Pucci has brought a new hit to the US.

Marc Aronstam Owner, Aronstam Designer/Fine Jewelers

Through my work related travels I have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting people that otherwise I would never have known. When I met Michael I knew he was like no other person I had dealt with before. His exceptional ability to combine professionalism with an uncanny wit and charm makes Michael an outstanding entrepreneur. His simple mannerisms that make him so approachable have earned him my friendship and respect. These qualities have also earned him a lot admiration from the many individuals he deals with regularly. But don’t be fooled by his unassuming approach: Behind the pleasantries and humour lies a worldly, experienced, proficient and reliable businessperson.

Marco Miserendino VP & Managing Director at Bijouterie Italienne

had the pleasure of working with Michael for four years on a number of custom orders during my time at The Walt Disney Company. Michael has a number of characteristics that make him ideal to work with; he exudes energy and is an overall positive and personable gentleman, an incredibly hard worker, and a ready source of ideas and solutions. Michael is also a man of his word and is always super responsive and easy to contact, even while traveling. Based on the excellent working relationship Michael and I had, I am confident in recommending him as an asset to any company.

Shermin Hassanpour, MBA Account Executive - Direct Mail Marketing at Bank of America

Michael is one of the most creative executives with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. He is highly skilled in product development and strategic marketing. And, he is a true joy to work with!

Gary Caplan; President at Gary Caplan, Inc.

Michael is a wonderful, creative and hard-working person. I enjoyed working with him and being on his team.

Lisa Turchan; CFO and Operations Officer at the Buckley School

Michael Pucci's creativity and verve is unequaled. He has brought not only the marketing materials and creative involvements of the company to new heights but also has propelled the business to successes never dreamed of. He is tireless, energetic and a grand leader – he is a true people person and an asset to every business

Roberta Naas; Journalist, Author, Founder of Timely Perspective

Michael Pucci conducts his business with an eye to the innovative side, really feeling his product and able to convey this to those he is explaining it to. His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the watch and jewelry industries are an asset to any potential partner or employer.

Elizabeth Doerr; Editor in Chief and co-Founder at