We are not your typical marketing agency.

We are a niche group of individuals who enjoy solving the marketing challenges brands face in the ever-changing accessory industry.

Abbiamo’s fine, and fashion jewelry industry knowledge is second to none. Our long-term network has given us an unparalleled view of the watch market. We understand tradition by spanning two generations with roots that began as sales associates behind the counter. We know where the market has been and where it is going.

Abbiamo Group’s marketing expertise & direct to consumer services is a proven formula that achieves profitable sales. We accomplish this through effective marketing, promotions, and efficient business processes. Furthermore, our integrated marketing strategies are tailored explicitly to your brand.  From the digital world of online advertising and social media to the analog world of print and point-of-sale marketing and television commercials, we can do it all.

Marketing Fine Fashion Jewelry Watches
CEO, Founder

Michael Pucci

With over 25 years of experience I have developed a unique and empathetic understanding of the fashion jewelry and accessories industry. While many agencies may focus in one general area of expertise (e.g. SEM advertising), my extensive background of integrated marketing solutions eliminates unnecessary operating costs while reducing risks. Especially valuable are my relationships with media partners, publications, film, television, Industry executives and retailers — which can only be gained through years of successful partnerships.

I am personally aware of the challenges and opportunities in this new economy with a proven track record of success in developing fashion brands and retailers with a goal to increase their business through effective marketing, promotions, sales, and efficient business processes.

Relationship with the consumer is the foundation of any successful brand. I engross myself in the brand to understand the target consumer and what they seek. I pride myself in finding ways to cut through the clutter to increase marketing effectiveness, enhance loyalty, and with a team effort, grow my clients’ overall business.


Michael Pucci has proven success in leading marketing strategies and campaigns for some of the greatest brand names on the planet. Known as the ultimate brand steward, expert presenter, and negotiator, Michael is capable of procuring buy-in from stakeholders at all levels. He specializes in the ability to engage new and loyal customers through a multi-channel approach encompassing customer experience, digital media, public relations, and cross-marketing opportunities.

Finally, having launched some of the most prominent brand extensions in the watch and jewelry industry, Michael has an innate talent for crafting effective sales & marketing programs. In short, Michael is a true marketer specializing in the fine and fashion jewelry industries. He knows how to generate increased revenue and recognizes market opportunities. In short, he knows what to do and how to get it done.

“Michael is an excellent entrepreneur and business associate. Intelligent, intuitive, ambitious and hard-working. He understands the important of business relationships and delivering effective programs. I wholeheartedly recommend him in any capacity.”

Dan RomanelliFounder & President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products